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The most thought provoking part of my retreat was when we thought of analagies in our marriage to things you pointed out on the trail (ex. the big log, the mountain, the bridge and how that relates to something we are dealing with in our relationship.


Before coming here, I was afraid to be alone.  Now I can go back and enjoy being by myself!


I just finished a session with my therapist and she is sooooooooo not you.  Seriously, I got so much more out of my time with you than all the sessions with my therapist put together.


The visualization exercise was inspiring and affirming.  My garden is my life!


I felt like I got a renewed energy to help me juggle my crazy life.


Of all of my favorite places on earth, this location couldn't be any better.  I loved the soul collage and the cards we drew each day with the horses on them.  I learned to live more in the minute and not in the future or the past.


You made me feel like a star! You were so reassuring and my best cheerleader.  I thank you for giving my this opportunity to take this trip with you.


Thank you so much for the experience and for bringing so much of you to our weekend!


Something I got from the retreat I did not expect was to be so pampered!  Chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and presents!  The location was beautiful!


I brought back with me the confidence that I can do anything that I set my mind to do.  I will take more chances to try new things


I learned that I can truly face fear head on and follow through to the other side.  It's ok to go away by myself and I will do it more.


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