Business Horseback Riding Retreats

Bring your team/group on horseback riding retreat.  I have over 50 games we can play with horses, both in the ring and on their backs. Through using horses as part of my team, I can help your business members learn more about leadership, communication, problem solving and much more!

Teresa offers retreats at various locations.  Your options include:

  • A farm north of Atlanta for day retreats.

  • An equine bed and breakfast inn about an hour east of Atlanta.

  • A fantastic facility which offers horseback riding, a daring zipline, boating and picnic facilities about 2 hours north of Atlanta.

Even though we as humans use verbal language as our primary way to communicate, we unknowingly use our non-verbal communication to really communicate.  Horses don't have verbal communication so their entire communication is through non-verbal.  Businesses can learn so much about communication through a horse.  In addition, we can learn about authentic leadership, building great teams (horses live in "teams" with a strong leader), problem solving and so much more.  

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Custom personal horseback riding retreats for women, couples, business teams and families!

Teresa Wolf, Master Certified Retreat Coach,

Business, Life, Spiritual Coach