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Horse Riding Retreats

Come and allow the horses to enhance your life, heal and recharge your soul!


My goal is to help you jump out of bed in the morning with anticipation of what lies ahead for you.

Come on a horseback riding retreat with me, Teresa Wolf, and my beautiful horse, Nemo, and immerse yourself in nature. Enjoy the beauty of the horses, their intuitiveness and strength to fill you.  Horses are non-judgmental, spiritual animals and can provide you with acceptance and joy you may not feel right now.  


You have 2 options to choose from, overnight or day retreats.  

Overnight Horseback Riding Retreats

Come and soar through the woods on the back of your horse while learning more about yourself.  We begin your retreat finding you a horse that resonates with your soul.  You keep this horse throughout your stay and get to know him/her.  You will experience healing with the energy of your horse.  We will do activities that include both on the ground and in the saddle.   Overnight retreats take place at a beautiful equine bed and breakfast.  Beginning with an introductory ride to assess your riding ability, we move into riding by ourselves the rest of the retreat for privacy. 

Day Horseback Riding Retreats

For a more affordable option, join us for a day retreat just North of Atlanta which includes both doing horse activities on horseback and on the ground.  You will still get the benefit of healing with horses and soul recharging.  A beautiful meditation beside a bubbling creek, guided journaling, special readings and more to enhance your day.  Enjoy the peace you will experience!

For details and pricing contact Teresa by email or at 770-843-9056
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