Family Horseback Riding Retreats

There are many benefits Soul Discovery on Horseback Family Retreat can provide your family including creating a stronger family bond and creating memories for a lifetime all while having a blast with horses!


Why horses?

Horses are intuitive animals.  They can sense people's feelings, emotions, fears and truth.  

How can this benefit my family?

Through various games and activities I do in conjunction with horses as part of my team, we can accomplish many things!

  • Horses teach followers how to be leaders.

  • Horses teach empathy.

  • Horses teach communication.

  • Horses teach respecting your space.

  • And lots more!

Beth Ellenburg and her beautiful Polish Arabian horse, Fire Dancer.

I have joined up with Beth Ellenburg at Greenridge Equestrian Center to offer family retreats.  We offer day retreats for the family which include activities to help build the family unit.  Our horses are part of our team and add valuable learning as well as fun!

Our activities may include:

  • Family dream board

  • Family Legacy

  • Leadership skills using the horses

  • Problem solving with the horses

  • Learning about communication

Our activities are for all ages in the family.  Everyone can participate!  You do not have to be a ride to participate in this memorable event.  

Come and create memories for a lifetime!