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Pastoral Scene

A dream trip like no other....

If you've always dreamed of riding horses in Ireland, come with me.  I've taken groups on 8 trips so far and many participants have attended with me on 3 of those trips!  It definitely is all you could ever dream of.  

I can't do a trip in 2023 because I'm getting my shoulder replaced but will plan a trip in 2024.  If interested, send me a message and I will keep your name and contact information for the next trip.  


Enjoy a combination of visiting the ancient Irish castles and monastic ruins with lovely guided horseback trail rides through Irish bogs, fields and local farmland.


For a real taste of Irish tradition you cannot beat a day on an Irish horse fair. It is like stepping back in time and it is as much as the celebration of the horse as it is part of the Irish culture. Witness the spit on the palm and the handshake that seals the deal!


Each night we will be staying at the beautifully restored 300 year old bed and breakfast, An Sibin.  Enjoy candle light dinners by a peat fire.  The food is mouth watering scrumptious.  The horses are well trained mounts, Irish Sport Horses, Gypsy Vanners, Gypsy Cobbs and Connemaras.  

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