Zak and Nemo


Zak is a beautiful Polish Arabian horse who is 15 years old.  In Arabian horses that is considered their prime age.  Arabians are especially intuitive and can sense their person's emotions sometimes even before the person can!  They are extremely intelligent and will try to outsmart their rider!  

Zak has brought out in people things they never even knew existed within themselves.  Just being around this majestic horse gives people a sense of pride and joy.

Zak and I compete in competitive trail rides throughout the southeast which keeps him in tip top shape.  You may see him at Greenridge Stables, which is where I board him, happily munching on the luscious green grass!



Nemo is a very nice Kentucky Mountain horse.  He is only 12 years old but very stable and secure.  Nemo is a joy to be around and loves people!  He's always sticking his head over the fence to see what is going on and asking for attention.  Nemo is a "gaited" horse meaning he is very smooth.  When he gaits, there is no bouncing.  Since I just got a total knee replacement a few months ago, he is just what I need to keep my knee healthy and healing.  

I plan to use Nemo in both my retreats and for competitive trail riding.  He loves visitors so if you would like to meet Nemo, just call me and we can set it up!

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